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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Don't Step Back

A New Single
We are proud to announce our first out-and-out single: "Don't Step Back." It's a disturbing tale of peace-lust and tranquility gone awry, the sound and story of America's life-force going to pot. It is our final outburst before The Mature Phase, so you better savor it. If you can get through the first minute, you should be fine.

Our First Music Video
Perhaps most excitingly, we snagged internationally renowned filmmaker Arsem Davies to direct the music video for "Don't Step Back." Debuting on the screen with such a profound talent like Arsem is a big step forward into professionalism, and sends a strong message to industry heavies like Modest Mouse and The Killers. (To highlight Arsem's talents, we advise that you watch the video only after listening to the song by itself. The effect may startle you, so grab on to something.) Click here to watch.

The Show Thing
We know you've given up. We don't blame you. Given our track record, any new promises would be irresponsible. But I will say that Alex and I have been performing as a duo at open mics and other short-notice gigs, singing songs about cognizant cadavers, cryptic skin diseases and, most importantly, love. Periodic appearances will resume in the Fall quarter. If you're interested in that sorta thing, drop us a line and we'll let you know about upcoming events.

New Double Album
Lastly, we are pleased to announce the imminent release of our new double-album, Power / Speed. Power has some of our strongest songs to date, thanks to the bass playing of Muscles Castro. Speed features twelve songs recorded at newly discovered tempos. We've experimented with playing both albums at once and the effect is extremely dangerous. Look out for the debut single "More Is More" (from Power) in early September. Thanks to Sub Pop for not being cowards and releasing such an ambitious and envelope-pushing project.

See you at Lollapalooza,